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Many factories need a DRO system for their universal machines ,that brand will be SINO.

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All orders placed before 2:00pm in our working time will surely be processed the same day.

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We may not guarantee an electronics product, but we hope to always stand behind you.

Why Adding digital readout on machines,and why SINO?

SINO DRO ,a reputated brand was widely adopted by most of the machines shops. Manual machinists nowadays add a digital readout (DRO) display to machines to provide precise, real-time measurements of the position of the machine’s moving parts, which helps to make more accurate cuts and to quickly and easily make adjustments to the machine’s settings, which can improve the precision and efficiency of the machining process. Additionally, DROs can be programmed with a variety of measurement units and can be used to store and recall machine settings, which further improve the efficiency and accuracy of the machining process.

Featured Categories

Digital Readout

Linear Scales

Magnetic Scales

Rotary Encoder

What makes SINO DRO a reputed brand in the machine tools industry?

  • High-quality Materials: A brand’s reputation is built on the quality of its product raw materials, especially for an industrial brand, quality does not tell lies.
  • Strong customer service: SINO has been providing excellent customer service and helps to instantly solve any operation difficulties customers may have
  • Innovation: SINO DRO team is constantly innovating and introducing new products or services is more likely to stand out from the competition.