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SINO was the oldest Digital Readout System brand made in China, SINO DROs were adopted by many machine tools factories and were originally installed on many milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, and EDM machines exporting to worldwide, those factories chose SINO brand DRO because SINO DROs are in high quality,high-precision, user-friendly, and trouble-free. SINO has a full line of products to meet all kinds of universal machine tools.

For example, the ultra slim linear encoder KA200 with only a 16mm*16mm cross-section, ideal for limited space installation, like on mini lathe cross slide, KA600 heavy duty linear encoder can be applied on big size horizontal boring machines; if there is a bad working environment full of dust and liquid, SINO has sealed type magnetic scale, up to IP67 protection level!

Brand Story

Time-Honored Brand

SINO DRO started from Guangzhou SINO Digital Readout Co., Ltd. in August 2002, later Guangzhou Lokshun CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a private hi-tech company engaged in developing, researching, and manufacturing CNC equipment at that time. It produces product series of linear displacement sensors, encoder digital displays, and rotary encoders.


Some feedback from our clients

I have a SINO DRO on my unmentionable lathe. It’s been on there for close to ten years with no problems. As to accuracy, I can’t say, except it’s got to be better than the lathe. My Mill has a 2-axis Mitutoyo DRO that does the job, but it’s not much different than the SINO.

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SINO is the largest DRO manufacturer in China ,I’ve had a 3 axis unit on my BP clone for 12 years. It has been flawless and it is accurate.


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The beauty of the SINO DRO units is the scales are interchangeable, I’ve had a SINO DRO display and scales on my mill for 4 years now, I haven’t had a problem with it


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