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Guide on How to Measure for Digital Readout

Do you want to learn how to measure for digital readout? You first need to know about the DRO. It means that without knowing about how digital readout works, you won’t be able to measure for the same.

So, a digital readout of a machine or instrument is used to get accurate measures or readings of the device. Whether you use digital readouts for lathes or digital readout for Bridgeport mill, you always need to get accurate readings or outcomes out of the same.

Here, you are going to learn how you can measure for a digital readout.

How to Measure for Digital Readout

First, you need to know the fact that measuring for digital readout or milling machine digital readout is same. It means that whether you want to use DRO on a lathe machine or milling machine, the procedure for measuring for DRO is identically the same.

So, let’s go inside the complete procedure about how to measure for digital readout.

  • First, you need to move the available table to given end of the travel. You don’t need to conscious about the direction of the same. You can choose whatever direction you want to, but ensure that it should work best especially for you.
  • Now, you need to place a specific mark throughout the saddle and table. Placing mark across saddle and table can help you identifying the real measure for digital readout.
  • If you use SINO digital readout or other option, you need to move the available table to just opposite of travel limit. This way, you can make things work.
  • Now, you need to measure between your given mark on that table as well as the mark on given saddle. It’s necessary to do so whether you use SINO linear encoder or digital readout system of other brand.
  • Make sure that you should move saddle thoroughly to its given travel limit to make it work for your DRO.
  • It is time to place a specific mark simply next to the edge of your saddle. It’s important to find readings out of a digital readout display.
  • Now, you should move your saddle to just opposite given travel limit. Now, you need to measure between edge of given saddle and mark. This way, you will easily measure for digital readout.

Are You Still Getting Issues?

However learning how to measure for digital readout is easier, but it might be possible that you may find issues. Even after completing the aforementioned process, you may find errors in your findings or readings.

Therefore, you need to repeat the process again. Always remember that without measuring for DRO, you won’t be able to get accurate readings out of the same. So, keep working on it.

But I am still getting errors. If you still deal with issues, you need to follow given below instructions.

  • Evaluate your readout system for any visible defects.
  • You need to try other ways to measure for digital readout.
  • You need to seek help from experts who know how to do it.

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