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How to Install a Digital Readout on a Milling Machine

Are you looking for a tool that can indicate the position of any machines in your mill? If yes, you must avail of a Digital Readout technology service, also known as DRO. The encoders of the system help to detect the position of the cutting tool. People likely use it to get a better outcome. You can rely upon sino dro system  to get the best DRO system for your milling machine.

Three types of scales in the DRO system

The DRO system consists of three major scales, DRO liner scale, glass scale, and magnetic or inductive scale. Each scale has different working methods and techniques.

  • You can capture the movement of milling machines and convert it into digital form using the DRO liner scale. Here an encoder helps the DRO to accomplish the work.
  • If you have any precision application, you can get the help of a glass scale. In machines where the light passes evenly, glass scales are used to form a photoelectric sensor. It helps to generate DRO signals.
  • The magnetic scales are used in machines where the darts are more likely. Moreover, these scales have a smaller cross-section idle for the machines with small space. They use magnetic energy to measure the changes.

How to install a Digital readout on a milling machine

The installation of DRO in a milling machine consists of different stages. There are four vital stages during the installation process of a DRO. You can contact an expert company like sino dro system for a better outcome.

Step1 Precaution

While installing a DRO, you must know some precautionary issues to make your milling machine work beautifully.

  • Ensure that the travel length of the DRO scale is longer than the machine’s maximum travel. There should be a minimum gap of 10mm between the scale and machine ends.
  • You must install the scale on possible flat surfaces to avoid any misalignment of the DRO scales.
  • You must set up the indicators promptly to measure the movement accurately.

Step2 Selection of Location

To better measure your machine movements, you must set up the DRO in a proper location. Here the following tips will help you determine the location of the system.

  • You must fix the scales on a flat surface.
  • You must install a cover o protect the scale from outer elements like oil, water, metal shavings, etc.
  • In cases where you don’t have a flat surface, you must install a mounted surface to give the DRO flat surfaces feel to measure the movements properly.
  • You must leave a gap between the scale and the cover.
  • The cables must allow maximum travel movements.

Step3- scaling requirements

While fixing a DRO in your milling machine, you must ensure enough gaps to measure the movements. In this step, these gap-related aspects are measured especially.

Step4- Scale set-up

You can do this step on your own. But hiring a professional to set up the scale is the best way to install a DRO system.

Wrapping Up

While installing a DRO system, you must ensure you take care of every aspect carefully. Therefore, contacting sino dro system for the installation will probably be your best option.