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SINO Linear Scale Read Head


Brand: SINO
Product: Linear Scale Read Head, NOT a whole /complete scale.
Applied to : KA200,KA300*,KA500,KA600
Outputs Signals:5V TTL (by default) / 5V RS422

*Resolution – KA200 does not have 0.5μm resolution
*KA300 and KA600 use the same read heads.

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Linear Scale Read Head By SINO can be an economic way to get your dead SINO linear scale running again.

This listing covers all read heads for SINO linear encoders: KA200, KA300, KA500, and KA600 use the same read head as KA300.


SINO KA300 linear scale read head

How to disassemble the read heads on a linear scale:

  • Remove the screws of the end caps on the linear scale.
  • Carefully remove the read head, and be careful that there is glass inside, this can be very fragile.
  • You should clean the glass if it is dirty, you can use wet wipes or moisten the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to scrub the glass, and keep it clean and dry.

And how you can assemble a read head into a linear scale aluminum profile:

  1. Place the aluminum alloy vertically, install the reading head from top to bottom, and pay attention to placing the cables and springs in the correct position
  2. Fasten the screws on two ends of the linear scale, sometimes you can use glue to smear two ends before fastening the screws so the linear scale can be much more waterproofed.
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Linear Encoder Models

KA200, KA300, KA500, KA600


5 micron / 5μm /0.005mm, 1 micron / 1μm /0.001mm, 0,5 micron / 0.5μm / 0.0005mm

Output Signals

TTL (By Default), RS422